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We own more than 310 million guns [2009 National Institute of Justice report]. This is the most of any nation in the world with India coming in second with an estimated 46 million guns. So, we have more than seven times the number of guns compared to the second place country. We are also the world leader in gun violence. Every day 93 people die from guns in our country and this number includes 7 children and adolescents.  Congress continues to refuse to expand background checks [make it universal] before gun purchases even with evidence that this would save lives.  There are gun suppliers who can review their store cameras and see people who bought a gun and then are in the paper the next day having killed themselves with the gun that was sold to them the day before. Of course, owning guns is dangerous to children and adolescents.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC] in 2015, 26,252 of us in our country died from gunshot wounds and this included 2824 children and adolescents who died from unintentional shootings and firearm homicides. So, why won't congress pass legislation mandating background checks [representing a delay before a gun can be purchased] when it is so clear that many of us can not manage owning guns safely and it is estimated that more than 90% of us want universal background checks. Is Congress' reluctance related to the fact that the National Rifle Association [NRA] provided more than $50 million to the campaigns leading up to the election of Donald Trump.  Mr. Trump got more than $30 million for his campaign. 

Do we need to let our congress know that we want them to expand background checks or they will risk not being re-elected?  Do we care enough to speak out? Is it the right thing to do? What do you think?